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Info Contact Lens King Partners with Prevent Blindness

Imagine a child struggling through life trying to accomplish tasks considered to be ordinary for most children. In contrast to his piers this child however spends countless frustrating hours and enormous amounts of energy trying to learn new subjects and skills each day. This child quickly finds themselves discouraged by the enormity of the effort and the frustration felt by the lack of progress experienced anytime a learning challenge is encountered. These are common scenarios for children who are visually challenged today. This vision condition affects children’s ability to learn and hinders their overall personal development and growth, not to mention – their social interactive skills. According to Prevent Blindness, nearly 3% of children are blind or visually impaired and 80% of children diagnosed with learning disabilities or poor learning performance actually have a vision problem. The seriousness of this issue highlights the need for further understanding through research and education.

Contact Lens King is an on-line contact lens retailer who is a strong proponent of social responsibility and giving back to the community. With a vested interest in the eye health industry the company has been researching and fervently working towards building partnerships and campaigns to help fight causes that it is passionate about. Childhood blindness is a cause that resonates deeply with the company. Our company’s management is passionate in its belief that “our future success as a society and a nation is directly dictated by the proper nurturing, education and personal development of our children. By providing the necessary tools and support required to effectively promote success while addressing challenges that hinder the progress of our children we are investing in our society’s future.”

In an effort to support healthy vision and fight against vision impairment and blindness, Contact Lens King has partnered with Prevent Blindness, a strong advocate for healthy vision. With this partnership, Contact Lens King, in collaboration with Prevent Blindness, is hoping to further promote the awareness and the importance of maintaining and protecting healthy vision in children.

With vision virtually impacting our very way of life from mobility to enjoying the wonders of nature it is arguably the most critical sense we have and should not be taken for granted by any measure. By supporting healthy vision, Contact Lens King is determined to help those with vision impairments through donations aimed at supporting research, education and prevention. Living a happy and fulfilling life is a goal that should be attainable by everyone, and with vision health playing such a crucial role on a child’s quality of life Contact Lens King is proud to collaborate on the efforts expounded on this social issue.

To help promote healthy vision and raise money to fight vision impairments and disorders please visit Contact Lens King’s website and use coupon code PB10 where $10.00 will be donated with every order placed to Prevent Blindness. For more information regarding healthy vision please visit Prevent Blindness’s website and browse through their vast amount of literature, and various resources.

A New Hairstyle Designs For You

Most of the hairstyles that we saw during Fashion weeks for fall 2016 were old hairstyles from the 90’s, done again with modern twists. Some of the most loved hairstyles are the topsy ponytails, the teased hair, and the girlish pigtails.

“Everything old is new”, says Kerastase hairstylist Matt Fugate. “Everything gets done again in time, but with a new modern-day twist. This is mainly due to social media and the access that people have to get themselves out there. You can play with so many looks from so many eras. My best advice is to have fun with it. Add your own spin on the trends!”

Here are some of your favorite old new hairstyle designs for women, worn today with a special 2016 twist. Enjoy!

The Girlish Pigtails Hairstyle

Pigtails were probably worn by every girl when she was little, especially at school. With Michael Kors, every woman today can wear them with their new twist. Matt Fugate says that the old-school pigtail turns into vertically parallel pigtails. “Instead of having your pigtails stick out to the side like when you were little, you do a lower placement, almost bringing the pigtails completely to the back of the head.”

How do you get these new pigtails? Part the hair in the middle so that you have equal parts. Secure the tails at the nape of the neck, and make sure the parts look parallel. The closer they get together, the cooler.

The Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

It’s almost like that ballerina bun you used to wear to ballet dance lessons, or that bun you wore casually at the back of your head, but now it has a more edgy look. What’s different with the updated style is that it is no longer tightly wrapped. It is effortless and higher towards the head.

How to style that new bun? Start by pulling your hair up high towards the front. Secure the hair with an elastic, and then start twisting it until it coils into a bun. Then secure the bun with pins and make it the shape you want. It should be imperfect for it to look really perfect.

The Crown Heights

It is about mixing two hair trends together: the teased hair and the headscarves. You will have that super chic girl style. You need to tease the hair high up front the front, and then give it a modernized look with turban-like headscarf.

Right Tricks for Stay Young

For us women, there is nothing more important than to look fresh and young. However, when we reach certain age, it becomes harder and harder to have flawless skin without imperfection. Wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles around the eyes, dry skin and some other problems become routines and common irritating issues on our skin.

This is surely a horrible nightmare for us as women as it is always important to look as perfect as we could. Nevertheless, don’t worry too much as “All roads lead to Rome” and there are many natural ways to resolve this nightmare. Let’s try some of these tricks.

Sleep Enough

Often we think that it is enough to sleep few hours daily to get the necessary energy to do our activities. But, do we realise that when we don’t sleep enough, we will feel all the stress in your body, mind and soul? Sleeping enough keeps us younger because we grow our youth hormone during sleep.

Additionally, our skin also regenerates and grows a lot when our body is sleeping. Many of us think that it is fine to sleep 5 to 6 hours daily. Though actually, we need around 8 hours sleep everyday to stay healthy and young as with 8 hours a day, it can make our mind, body and soul become less stressful.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Some of us don’t like vegetables and fruits. It’s sometimes difficult to eat healthy food as usually the less healthy food tastes better than the healthy one. Take as an example, green vegetables. It’s often not likeable to many of us no matter how healthy they are and we prefer something tastier to eat.

However, when we eat a lot of green vegetables and also fruits, we help our skin as they do contain a lot of antioxidants to fight our aging skin and beat it. By consuming green veggies and fresh fruits routinely, we also help our skin to stay healthy as they are rich sources for folate, Vitamin A and C like for examples in Spinach and Broccoli. So, still think eating green vegetables is annoying?

Use Natural Oils

Natural oils like olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil are widely known for their potentials in maintaining the beauty of our skin. Rich in antioxidants, incredible in moisturising dry skin and awesome in keeping our skin youthful, they are the charms of every beauty secret.

Another amazing oil for the skin is argan oil. This oil might have not been heard too often by some of us. Nonetheless, the fantastic ability of this oil for the benefits of our skin has been confirmed by scientific researches. Originally coming from Morocco, this oil was called as the “liquid gold” by New York Times for its miraculous benefits and marvellous smell. Furthermore, a huge area of argan growing region has also been approved by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

Argan Oil’s power includes moisturising, making our skin brighter and shinier, rejuvenating plus curing skin inflammation, rashes and infection. These abilities come from the fact that argan oil is rich of vitamin A, vitamin E, anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. And that’s why the oil has become the treasure of every beauty program.

Therefore, after knowing all this, staying young doesn’t seem to be an impossible mission again, does it? With the right tricks, looking perfect seems simple and doable for any of us.

Here Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are beautiful, characterized by extra skin that falls from the brow bone towards the eyelids and covers them. This feature give the face an alluring sexy look, which a lot of beautiful stars have it, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. If you have hooded eyes, you know well how hard it is to apply makeup on your eyes, as the canvas is partially hidden. There’s no good space to paint eye shadow or draw lines, or even powder. Even though, with the right tools and good tips, you will know how to brighten those hooded eyes of yours, and paint them with the colors you like.

Before you jump into learning how to apply makeup for hooded eyes, make sure you have this trait. Look into the mirror and search for a crease above the eye. If there is a crease, look whether it is hidden when you have wide open eyes. If yes, then you do have hooded eyes. Here’s all you have to know about the makeup of hooded eyes.

Bigger Eyelids

With hooded eyes, a bigger eyelid is what you need to have for better makeup. You need to create fake eyelids, that’s for sure, so that the eyelid looks much bigger than it really is. How do you do that? You need to draw a line above your natural eyelid with a dark pencil, and then smudge it well. Then add dark eye shadow above the line and blend it outwards. Your eyes will look bigger with the fake lines above.

The Smoky Eye

Smoky makeup works well with your hooded eyes, as it helps open up the eyes. With hooded eyes, you need to apply smoky metallic makeup the normal way, and the trick here is to add a lot of sparkle. Use shimmery eye shadow, and lots of it, on your entire lid.

The Smoky Eye Upside Down

If you find it hard to apply smoky makeup on your hooded eyes, then rely on the upside-down trick. Focus on the lower lash line, and apply the dark eye shadow on it. Use a light champagne color on the lid and wing it out so that your eyes look bigger.

Fast & simple makeup tips & ideas for your hooded eyes :

– Make the highlighter your best friend. Use it for brighter & bigger eyes.

– Rely on bright vibrant colors that extend past your lids.

– Focus on other features of your face. Apply makeup on your lips when you feel it is hard for you to draw a cat eye.

– To make sure you’ve done your makeup the right way, go big with your makeup. Create an oversized cat eye wing that brings too much drama.